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​With the dramatic rise of digital photography, many birdwatchers also have an interest in animal photography. We have opted to offer several tours for those interested in putting photography at the heart of their traveling experience with us.

These tours differ from our more regular tours in the way they are designed, even though many sites are visited in both. The itinerary, the slower pace and the hours are all set up so as to favor the practice of animal photography. Our guides on these tours have a substantial experience in photography and we favor small groups (6-8 persons maximum) that can fit in the hides we use on a regular basis.

To summarize, these tours are truly photography-oriented tours. They are open to beginners or confirmed photographers alike.

It is important to note that these trips are aimed at the novice photographer as well as the confirmed photographer.

Our “custom tours” also concern photographic tours. Whatever particular requirement or need you might have: private group, particular itinerary or sites or time of the year, list of target species… Do not hesitate to let us know!

To date we offer 3 photographic tours. You will find their detailed description in the following or by clicking on the map below.

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