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Here is non exhaustive list of recommended links:

Hotels and lodges:

-Sani Lodge :

One of the best amazonian lodge in Ecuador, with one of the best value for the money and an incredible biodiversity.

-Bellavista Lodge:

One of the oldest and most famous lodge on the western slope of the Andes in northern Ecuador. An ideal setting for getting acquainted with the fabulous species of the Choco cloudforests.

-Wild Sumaco Lodge:

A beautiful lodge set in the foothill forests of the eastern slopes of the ecuadorian Andes, near the Sumaco Volcano.

-Cabañas San Isidro:

The eastern andean counterpart of the Bellavista Lodge, this lodge harbors a distinctly different fauna and is a famous hot spot of neotropical birding.

-Guango Lodge:

A relatively recent lodge built in the beautiful temperate forests of the eastern andean slope of Ecuador, it is celebrated for the dazzling array of hummingbirds that can be observed at their feeders.

-Copalinga Lodge:

A magnificent and peaceful haven right next to the Podocarpus National Park, smoothly managed by an engaging belgian couple.

-Napo Wildlife Center:

The most luxurious of the lodge dotted along the Napo river, net to the prestigious Yasuni National Park, one of the biggest biodiversity hotspot on the planet.



The International Union for Conservation of Nature. The largest and most diversified network dedicated to the conservation of nature, gathering no less than 16,000 experts worldwide.

-BirdLife International:

The resource to consult to know about bird conservation initiatives and projects worldwide.

-Mindo Cloud Forest Foundation:

An organisation dedicated to protect threatened habitats on the western slope of the Andes in north-west Ecuador by buying and managing small reserves (two of the most famous being Milpe and Rio Silanche).

-Jocotoco Foundation:

This NGO, founded in 1998 aims at protecting and conserving threatened natural habitats. It owns and manage a network of renowned 11 nature reserves across Ecuador. It also owns the high-quality lodges located in the immediate vicinity of some of these reserves.


An organisation founded in 1993 dedicated to the conservation of natural habitats in Bolivia, always in close partnership with local communities.


This peruvian organisation drives a number of conservation projects such as the protection of Polylepis forests, rescue of the critically endangered Junin Grebe or reforesting around Huacarpay lake near Cuzco to cite a few.


An organisation dedicated to the protection of the environment and consciousness-raising concerning environmental issues in Colombia. Do not hesitate to visit their nice website to get an idea of the wealth of avian wildlife of this country.

-Neotropical Bird Club (NBC):

An organisation promulgating birdwatching and the conservation of neotropical birds. By enrolling as a member, you will help concrete conservation actions and you will get access to quality publications such as Neotropical Birding or Cotinga.

-Rio Bigal:

A magnificent reserve, protecting a rarely visited altitudinal zone, the foothill forests of the eastern slope of the Andes in Ecuador.

-Oriental Bird Club:

A site promulgating birdwatching and nature conservation in Asia, containing a wealth of information and interesting links.

Various useful links:


A site gathering an unparalleled amound of birds sounds from all across the world. An essential reference for the dedicated birder wishing to visit new countries and get acquainted with the voices of the birds likely to be encountered.


A site with bird photographs from all across the world, identification articles, trip reports and many useful links.


The biggest online library of natural history, the collection of titles being enormous.

-Lynx Edicions:

Famous in the ornithological world for having completed the titanic publication of the “Handbook of the Birds of the World”, they also publish many other high quality work.


The world leader in sound guides.


A very popular site allowing one to document his observations online and consult those of others.

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