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PRICE :  XXXX $US for 8 people (see the price grid in our Detailed Informations page).


Tour duration : 14 days.

Tour date : September 2018.

Group size : 4-8 people with a "Tour Leader".

Tour Leader : Vincent MOURET.

Arrival : Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Departure : Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Lodging : Hotels and lodges of "comfort" category. Hot water and electricity are available 24 hours a day.

Pace : Easy.

Possible extension : None.

Photography :  Good opportunities.

Included : all transportation, internal flights, private flight to Barba Azul Reserve, lodging in double rooms with private bathroom, all meals except diners in Santa Cruz, multilingual tour leader, drinkable water.

Not included : International flight, travel insurance, visas, airport taxes, entrance fees for some sites, alcoholic beverages, tips, diners in Santa Cruz, "single" occupation (for the price, please refer to the Detailed Informations page).


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The endemic Macaws

Bolivia is not a country frequently visited by birdwatchers. Development of birding itineraries has long been postponed due to the country's lack of modern touristic infrastructures (Bolivia is one of the poorest Latin American country). However, the country's amazing diversity (1400 bird species) rivaling with more recognized countries such as Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, together with the lure of an incredible number of range-restricted and endemic species, have spurred the development of a new tourism oriented towards birdwatching, facilitated by the recent (albeit slow) economic growth.

This itinerary dedicated to nature photography has been organized around two of the most famous significant species of this cortege of endemics. We will concentrate our efforts on two rare, endangered and extremely photogenic species : the Red-fronted Macaw and the Blue-throated Macaw.

Days 1-2-3-4-5. The journey will begin in the rich colonial city of Santa Cruz. We will first discover around the city our first species of savannahs and clear Chiquitania woodlands. After this sweet landmark, we will sink into the heart of the arid Andes, a tortuous maze and baffling vertiginous canyons, deep valleys and desert slopes covered with scattered Cactus. It is in this western setting that we will meet one of the most fabulous endemics of this trip, the shimmering Red-fronted Macaw. Our stay in this fabulous reserve will be devoted to shooting this fabulous and colorful Psittacidae as well as other photogenic species of the site. We then return to Santa Cruz to begin the second part of the trip.


Days 6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14. In order to complete this journey in apotheosis, we propose you to go to meet the legendary Blue-throated Macaw. In a mosaic of savannas, gallery forests and palm forest islands worthy of the Brazilian Pantanal you will discover a rich and extremely diverse avifauna. We will accumulate hundreds of images of this magnificent Macaw, of a multitude of species and may be one of the most mysterious occupants of these isolated stretches, the rare Mane Wolf.

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