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PRICE :  XXXX $US for 8 people (see the price grid in our Detailed Informations page).


Tour duration : 7 days.

Tour date : June 2018.

Group size : 4-8 people with a "Tour Leader".

Tour Leader : Vincent MOURET.

Arrival : Oulu.

Departure : Oulu.

Lodging : Hotels and lodges of "comfort" category. Hot water and electricity are available 24 hours a day.

Pace : Easy.

Possible extension : None.

Photography :  Good opportunities.

Included : all transportation, lodging in double rooms with private bathroom , all meals, multilingual tour leader, drinkable water.

Not included : International flight, travel insurance, visas, airport taxes, entrance fees for some sites, alcoholic beverages, tips, "single" occupation (for the price, please refer to the Detailed Informations page).


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Bears, Wolves & Wolverines

Finland besides hosting some fabulous birds is the best bet for the European nature lover willing to catch up with at least one of the so-called « big four » mammals in Europe, namely Wolverine, Brown Bear, Lynx and Grey Wolf.

We give you the opportunity of observing wild specimens of these highly sought species. To do so, we will use hides deep in the forest in known territories of these animals.

​It is important to note that we are using professional hides and highly competent local guides who are familiar with these great mammals and their habits in these isolated areas.

Days 1-2-3. The trip will start in Oulu. We will embark immediately in our vehicle and then we will start a long journey to the Russian border and the Martinselkonen Wilderness Center, our base for the next 3 nights watching Brown Bear. At the end of the afternoon, we will meet our attention for a first night of watch. This site also attracts Grey Wolves and Lynx as well as rare Wolverines. Our attention will not diminish before these incredible carnivores.


Days 4-5-6-7. We will take the road to the Boreal Wildlife Center. It is a long drive and we will only arrive at the end of the day at the lodge. We will immediately head to the carriages with an unobstructed view of the clearings and edges from which sometimes emerge during the bright arctic night the massive and impressive silhouette of a Brown Bear. We spend the next three nights making sumptuous pictures of the massif beast and other large mammals frequenting this border area.

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