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Finally, we want to acknowledge the crucial contribution of our drivers, cooks, local guides and boatmen to the success of our tours.

Olivier CHALINE - Tour Leader

A very good all-around naturalist (especially good in herps, birds and plants), Olivier has visited many corners of the Western Palearctic before moving in French Guiana for a few years. He then spent several months on a mammoth South America tour to observe as many bird and mammals as possible. He will share his great knowledge with you with his unmistakable easy-going style.

Marc THIBAULT - Tour Leader

A tireless world birder, Marc is supervising projects aimed at protecting threatened wetlands in Camargue and elsewhere in the Mediterranean region. His thirst of new species led him all across the globe, but it is in Asia that he spent a lot of time trying to uncover “lost” or “forgotten” species. He will be happy to lead you and show you the natural wonders in south-east Asia.

Mathieu SIOL - Product Manager and Tour Leader

A passionate birder and Evolutionary Biologist specialized in Population Genetics, Mathieu has traveled extensively in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. He also lived for 3 years in North America, and traveled in South America and the Caribbean  in search of birds. He will share his scientific knowledge with you along with his boundless enthusiasm for birds.

Vincent MOURET - Product Manager and Tour Leader

Vincent has always been fascinated by birds and nature in general. After studying evolutionary biology at university, he went on to travel widely to see new birds. He lived for 4 years in Ecuador where he worked as a birdwatching guide, and fell in love with South America and its incredible avian diversity. He is the main Project Manager of Terra Firme Birdwatching and lead groups with passion and enthusiasm in South America and Europe.

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