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Terra Firme Birdwatching is a firm created in 2018.
At the time of writing, our catalogue comprise 16 birdwatching tours and another 3 photographic tours, spread across 3 continent:
South America, Asia and Europe.
However our ornithological expertise lie beyond these borders and we wish in the near future expand our offer to other exciting destinations.
As a result, for 2018 and 2019, we will offer new birding tours on which we are currently working very hard.

​Following a first scouting trip, we will organize two different itineraries in COLOMBIA, the world's richest country in bird species number.

ARGENTINA and CHILE are also in the pipeline, and two carefully crafted tours will provide and all encompassing visit of the major ecosystems found in these countries.

You will also have the wonderful opportunity of visiting the mythical MONGOLIAN steppes in 2018.

Nearer from home, we will soon propose a trip in MOROCCO to explore the mountains and desert and encounter some of the most striking avian species in the Western Palearctic.

Finally, a short visit to the CANARY ISLAND will allow you to encounter the stunning endemics inhabiting this strange and varied archipelago.

Don't hesitate to contact us to enroll in any of these great birdwatching trips.

COMING SOON - A magnificent journey through the Northern Spanish sierras in search of the Brown Bear and the Gray Wolf is in preparation !!!!

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