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Peru, with almost 1800 bird species surely ranks high among the most attractive countries on earth for birders. Over its immense territory where one can travel from the vast expanses of pristine and luxuriant Amazonian tropical forest to the coastal desert or the mighty Andean cordiliera, the country host almost half the birds of the South American continent.
Owing to the complex topography of the region, with isolated valleys and big mountain barriers, evolution has worked to produce a stunning array of endemics and highly localized species, some of which were only recently uncovered by science. Indeed, except for
Colombia, no other country on earth has seen more new species described since the end of the twentieth century.
This peculiar assemblage of highly localized and specialized species along with more widespread and common yet very diversified species has contributed to make it one of the prime destinations for birders from all around the world. The ongoing development of a reliable road system and touristic infrastructures make the country much more accessible than it was a mere 20 years ago, and allow an exploration under good conditions.

In order to make justice to this magnificent and complex country, we offer no less than 4 circuits (and several short extensions) differing dramatically in terms of the visited ecosystems and species looked for.

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