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PRICE :  XXXX $US for 8 people (see the price grid in our Detailed Informations page).


Tour duration : 14 days.

Tour date : October or November 2018.

Group size : 4-10 people with a "Tour Leader".

Tour Leader : Vincent MOURET.

Arrival : Lima.

Departure : Lima.

Lodging : Hotels and lodges from "standard" category to "comfort" category. Hot water and electricity are available 24 hours a day except at Plataforma.

Pace : Moderate (a few walks in muddy and/or steep terrain, access to Plataforma sometimes tricky).

Possible extension : Peru - Tumbesian & Marañon endemics (TFB_PERU_003_TUMBESIAN & MARAÑON ENDEMICS).

Potential number of species : 300 - 400.

Photography :  Good opportunities, especially around feeders.

Included : all transportation, internal flights, lodging in double rooms with private bathroom (without exceptions), all meals, multilingual tour leader, drinkable water.

Not included : International flight, travel insurance, visas, airport taxes, entrance fees for some sites, alcoholic beverages, tips, "single" occupation (for the price, please refer to the Detailed Informations page).

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Owlet & Barbet

If the Manu and the region of Cuzco have so far attracted the majority of travelling birdwatchers, many other regions in this vast country certainly deserve attention. Slowly, as many of the remote regions of this topographically complex country evolve a stabler social and political situation, birders from all over the world have started to explore and discover many new sites, routes uncovering many avian wonders along the way.
To pay tribute to those who brought peruvian birding to new heights in remote and difficult places, we have concocted two itineraries to the mostly mountainous northern third of the country. Because of the important number of site visited, we chose to split the northern itinerary in two distinct circuits.

You will have the possibility to choose only one of them or to opt for a combo, the two itineraries following one another. The Owlet & Barbet will allow you to discover the sites located east of the Andes.

Days 1-2. After your arrival in Lima, the program covering the eastern part of the North loop will start in the amazonian town of Tarapoto wich we will reach following a short internal flight. From there we will take our vehicle to reach the isolated village of Plataforma.


Days 3-4. We are happy to offer you the possibility to discover one of the mythical birds of the peruvian avifauna. We will try to observe the magnificent and legendary Scarlet-banded Barbet, on the only readily accessible in the world to see it, discovered less than 5 years ago.

Days 5-6. Next to Tarapoto, we will then encounter a novel ecosystem and its associated unique species: the semi-humid deciduous forests of the amazonian lowlands at Juan Guerra or in the Quebrada Upaquihua. We will also explore a portion of the mythical Yurimaguas road which offer a magnificent altitudinal gradient of subtropical forest.

Days 7-8. For a taste of the incredible richness of the eastern andean foothills around Moyobamba, we will look for the special species around the Wakanki lodge, the odd Morro de Calzada or the savannas of Yacumana.

Days 9-10-11-12-13-14. Then we will explore the fabulous altitudinal gradient leading to the legendary Abra Patricia pass. In the span of a few days, we will have the chance of seeing the most unbelievable of hummingbirds, the Marvelous Spatuletail near Pomacochas and one of the most bizarre owl in the world, the Long-whiskered Owlet at Abra Patricia. Our stay in this beautiful lodge will give us the chance of seeing some fabulous species such as Royal Sunangel, Lulu's Tody-Flycatcher, Bar-winged Wood-Wren. It wil then be time to get back to Tarapoto and then to Lima to end this circuit.

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