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General organisation
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Birdwatching observations
General sales conditions
  • Birdwatching observations


Our guides are equipped with top quality optics, carry with them all the necessary identification guides, maps for the identification of observed species.
Tools such as green laser beams (to indicate the position of birds hidden in dense foliage), torchlights for owling, GPS are used.
Our tour leaders are using local and international SIM cards to stay in touch with the rest of the world and also for security reasons. This can also be an asset to get informations about local rarities in real time.


During the trip, our tour leaders can use records of bird songs records, but always with moderation and in a considerate manner, so as to make sure not to stress the birds too much.

Trip preparation

We are at your disposition to help you prepare your trip with us in the best possible way, we can provide you with counsels concerning bird books, trip reports, scientific informations, maps, bird lists based on the International Ornithological Congress.
Important practical informations (visas, money, health, climate, clothing, maps, material to bring…) for a good trip will be communicated to you.
A birding trip report will also be sent to each participants after the tour.

  • General organisation

To whom our tours are destined?

Our tours are entirely dedicated to the discovery of birds in the visited countries. The itinerary and the list of visited sites are carefully chosen so as to provide the most complete birdwatching experience be it in the variety of visited ecosystems and list of species looked for (common or rare).
Given the way in which our tours are built and organised, our guides will always adapt to our groups and tune the pace of the birdwatching to provide the customers with the best possible experience. As a result, the tours are suitable for the confirmed birdwatcher accustomed to the practice of tropical birdwatching and the beginner for which every encountered species will be a lifer alike.

Pace of the tour

In most regions across the world, bird activity (and animal activity in general) is at its highest in the early hours of the day. As a result, in our tours we generally wake up very early to make the most of these early hours. Breakfasts are had very early, often before  sunrise, sometimes even on the field.
In most tours, the hot hours when bird activity is at its lowest are dedicated to a bit of rest or spent traveling from one destination to the next.
As a rule, our tours are built in order to maximize the hours spent in the field observing birds and to minimize the time spent in transportation. Sometimes however due to the size or the large distance between two sites, a day with several hours of driving might be necessary. We try our best to avoid these long days of transfer and never have two of them following each other. Whenever the distance between two sites implies more than a day of transfer and when possible we will opt for a transfer in plane. This of course has a price, but some precious time will be saved by doing so.
The total duration of our tours is generally between a week and 17 or 18 days. Before of after the main itinerary, extensions allow to visit new ecosystems or new regions are sometimes proposed.

Physical condition

Our days are generally quite long, starting early in the morning and ending at night sometimes in search of nocturnal species. However, some time slots can be used for a little rest for those in need of a break. As a result around noon we often have some time devoted to a break or to a drive in the bus before the last observations in the afternoon.
The overall physical demands in our tours is not very high, and the pace of our birdwatching walks are neither fast or physically taxing.
The bulk of our observations take place following some tracks, on forest paths or in open habitat and along roads. We will have daily walks, the duration of which will last from a few minutes to 3-4 hours. The tracks followed vary in their steepness and their condition, often relatively flat, they can for short intervals become quite steep. As far as possible we try to fit some resting time in the schedule and to alternate long and taxing days of observation with more relaxed ones. During our walks, to avoid being overloaded it will always be possible to let our unused equipment in the bus, where our driver will constantly keep watch for it. For those really in need of some rest, they will have the possibility of taking a nap in the bus as well.
In some sites observing from the roadside can really be an asset and this is a really relaxing way of birding.

Our guides will always take car to adjust the pace to provide the best experience to the participants.
In some of our tours, we will visit more remote areas, with little to no touristic infrastructures. The logistics of these are perforce more rustic and requires a little adjustment from the traveler. Indeed, it can imply long drives on bad and chaotic unpaved roads, or some rustic accommodations (although always clean) and difficult observation conditions, more suited to hardened birdwatchers.

Composition and operating of groups

Our groups are generally small, ranging from 4 to 10. What we really care about is an optimal birdwatching experience for each and everyone of you. Small sized groups are a guarantee of a better availability of the guide and also a requirement when approaching shy species. In some countries where the bulk of the observations take place in relatively open habitat, the size of the group can rise to 12 people without impacting the quality of the experience. On the opposite, when most of our birdwatching activity is made from narrow paths in dense forest, the group size can be limited to 8 people.
As long as it does not alter the itinerary or the pace of the group, we encourage the participants to let us know about particular demands, such as a target species they would really like to devote some time to or the need to sleep early instead of looking for owls with the rest of the group for example. We will try our best to accommodate these wishes.

Custom Tours

Most of our activity concerns pre-packaged tours, whose itinerary, duration and dates are all established and advertised on our website and catalogs months beforehand.
We can however propose personalized Custom Tours. These concern travelers wishing for a particular itinerary, or small groups outside the proposed dates or simply people who cannot travel in the proposed dates. We will build a custom-made itinerary taking into account your requirements and constraints. Do not hesitate to contact us directly to start building your trip.


We feel like we have a moral responsibility regarding the preservation of the astonishing yet highly fragile biodiversity of our planet. It is of paramount importance to us to respect the visited sites and countries (be it environmentally or culturally). A sad fact of life is that the ecological equilibrium of the visited regions is far from immutable. Tourism, even with a naturalistic bent can perturb it and not for the better. So in the interest of all, it is incumbent to each and everyone of us to adopt a responsible stance and to respect the environments visited.
Living material collection is explicitly forbidden during our trips.
So some basic and common sense counsel to limit our ecological imprint is to use rechargeable batteries, a water flask (nature does not like plastic bottles), not to throw anything in forests, lakes or rivers.

  • Detailed logistics

What is included

Our prices include all transfers and transportation (including internal flights) as indicated in the itineraries. For our terrestrial transportation, we generally use mini vans or buses with a professional driver. When needed, 4-wheel drive vehicles.
Accommodation in double rooms with private bathroom (unless otherwise specified) are included in the quality hotels and lodges we will visit. When lodging possibilities are limited, and the only option is some more rustic accommodation, this is explicitly stated in the tour description.
All meals (3 a day) are included unless otherwise stated. Sometimes, especially in large cities, we offer the possibility of an open dinner where those of you wishing to adopt a different rhythm than the rest of the group or have a larger food choice can do so.
Drinkable water will always be available, especially in countries where tap water is not recommended.
All our trips are accompanied by a professional birdwatching tour leader fluent in french and/or english.
All the necessary conveniences for a smoothly run tour are also included: mules, porters…

What is not included

The international flight is not included (although see next paragraph).
We don't cover the passport or visa costs, vaccines, excess baggage costs or airport taxes.
The entrance fee of some of the visited sites will have to be paid directly by the participants. The site-by-site detail is provided in the itinerary. More often than not, the natural sites visited are administered by local communities or local associations or foundations. It seems natural to us that you can directly contribute to their conservation efforts and to value their work. If you'd rather have us include these entrance fees in the global price of your trip, we can certainly do so.
Food and drinks outside meal times (alcohol, juices, sparkling beverages, snacks…) except water are not included.
Extra services in hotels such as laundry, phone calls, minibar and others are not included.
Medical cares during the tour are also not included and must be covered by the participant.
Whenever possible, a single room accommodation can be proposed albeit at a different price. It should be noted however that in some locations some hotels or lodge cannot propose it, given their relatively low total capacity.
Tips are facultative and entirely up to the participant to decide. Generally speaking, a tip box is available in the visited lodges and hotels. If you want to, you can give a tip to the drivers or local guides or tour leaders directly.

International flights

We offer the possibility to our customer to book their international flights with the help of our commercial associates. However, if you'd rather buy your international flight yourself, you are welcome to do so. Terra Firme Birdwatching declines any responsibility   in this instance however. On the detailed tour description, you will find the arrival and departure times to which you must comply. Be sure before buying your flights that they accommodate these hours and that the tour is confirmed. Most flight tickets are not refundable or involve a financial penalty in case of modification. Terra Firme Birdwatching cannot be held responsible for these expenses. It is mandatory that we reveive a copy of your full itinerary so that in case of missed flights, delays or other incidents we can act accordingly.

Travel insurance

It is incumbent on the client to subscribe a travel insurance for our tour covering for accidents, medical health care, baggage theft, repatriation… Terra Firme decline any responsibility in case any of the above should happen.
Terra Firme Birdwatching can help you to subscribe for a multi-risk contract with a specialized partner of ours.


Terra Firme Birdwatching will give you the latest informations concerning the immigration policy and the need of visas. It is however incumbent on the client to comply with these rules. Terra Firme Birdwatching decline any responsibility should a client fail to obtain a visa in time. Make sure to contact the embassy or consulate of the concerned country to confirm you the relevant informations.


Make sure to contact vaccination centers and check whether your vaccines are up to date. The list of vaccines depend on the country, but it is recommended that  MMR vaccines and DPT and polio vaccines are up to date.
Consult your doctor beforehand.
If you are under a medical treatment, make sure to bring a sufficient medicine stock for the tour duration and your medical prescriptions.
We advise you to subscribe an insurance covering for health expenses and repatriation.

Restrictions and personal information form

No particular physical or moral restriction is imposed concerning the participation to one of our tour. You are however expected to get us informed us (through the personal information form we will provide you with) of any detail or event that could hamper your participation to the trip: health related issues such as asthma, diabete, sleep apnea, cardio-vascular trouble, allergies, vertigo...
In order for you and and your practician to judge about your capacity to participate to a tour we are always willing to provide you with all the necessary and relevant informations about the tour.
Our trips, as a general rule are not very physically taxing, but the slightly more demanding walks are always indicated in the descriptive sheet of the tour.
Smoking is forbidden in vehicles and common grounds in lodges and hotels. Please make sure to adopt an adequate behaviour in order not to inconvenience the non-smoking participants during the excursions.


In the vast majority of our tours, the lodges and hotels we selected for you belong to the “comfort” or “superior” category. All of them have clean and modern installations, private bathrooms, hot water, and 24h electricity and run by agreeable and available staffs. In most of them, mineral or purified water is freely available, so that you can refill your flasks when needed. In some of our visited sites the lodging verge on the “luxurious” category.
We always tend to favour hotels and lodges with some cachet, an architecture typical of the visited country, well integrated in the natural environment and often times having a very eco-friendly policy. We also are proud to bring you in less well-known areas, brand new sites in poorly equipped touristic regions. Perforce, the corresponding logistics owing to a general lack of options will involve more rustic accommodations (in the “standard” category, with or without hot water, private or common bathrooms, and round the clock electricity). The more “adventurous” feel of the experience coupled with the warm hospitality of our hosts and the dedication of our guides should more than compensate for this. At any rate, the occurrence of these more rustic conditions will be clearly indicated in the detailed descriptions of our tours.


We always tend to favour traditional meals concocted with locally produced goods.
Breakfasts are generally had well before sunrise. Occasionally, we will bring it with us in the field, when a very early start is necessary in order to reach the observation site at an adequate time. Lunch can sometimes be had as a picnic. Dinners are always taken in the comfortable dining rooms of our hotels and a good occasion for relaxing after the eventful days. They are the ideal time for sharing our experiences for the day and discuss the program of the following day.
Participants on a particular diet must let us know about it beforehand through the personal information form.


In our tours we used vehicles adapted to the number of participants in the group. We ask you to only have one big piece of luggage (suitcase or backpack) maximum and a hand luggage to carry your most important equipment (binoculars, passport, personal documents, medicines…). Flight companies generally do not charge for baggage supplement under 23 kg/ person of checked luggage.

  • General sales conditions

Tour confirmation

If the number of participant is sufficient, the tour confirmation will be sent 90 days before the tour.

In the odd case, depending on the country, the itinerary, Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching will reserve the right to modify the dates and timeline of confirmation and deposit (see detailed practical informations for each tour).

Caution is urged for the participants to carefully review their plane tickets purchasing. In the event of a forced modification of the itinerary, Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching declines any responsibility in the possible cancellation of the services  independently contracted by the participants.

A tour is considered confirmed and closed if it is fully booked at (or before) the confirmation date (90 days before the start of the tour). A waiting list will be kept so that in case of a last minute cancellation from one of the participant the first person on the list can replace her.

The registration to one of our tour entails that you accept the general sales conditions between travel agencies and their customers as defined under the ministerial order of the Journal Officiel de la République Française in date of 17th June 1994. It also implies the acceptance of the particular conditions detailed in the present document.

Prices in our website are indicated in US dollars or in € Euro. They are displayed as a baseline and subject to availability.

Booking, deposit and balance payment

For booking to be validated a payment deposit of 50% the price of the tour is necessary by person.

To do so at booking time, we will provide you with a reservation form (to return us filled and signed) along with an deposit invoice to be paid within 15 days upon reception.

The invoice for the balance payment will be sent 90 days before the starting date of the tour and will have to be paid within 15 days upon reception.

If booking intervene less than 90 days before the starting date, the entirety of the total price of the tour will have to be paid at booking time.

In cases when no payment 90 days before the starting date of the tour, Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching can cancel the reservation without fees.

Payment will be available through bank transfer (all bank charges covered by the participant), via PayPal or credit card (MASTERCARD, VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS).


Price variation

Changes in the price can sometimes occur quite unexpectedly. When we make our price quotations several months ahead, we try our best to anticipate possible variations in prices for aerial and terrestrial transportation as well as accommodation. If sudden rises in prices are due to external events over which we have no control at all, we reserve the right to charge the difference with the initial price. If the client consider the rise too important or unjustified, he can cancel his tour free of charges.

Modification of the tour

Modification by Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching

Our tours are organised and planned with utmost care by professionals. Even so a given itinerary, an hotel or a team (tour leader, local guides and so on) can change owing to a variety of causes, be they natural, political or economic (strikes, climatic conditions, natural disasters, military troubles, terrorist attacks…). Our participants in such events will always be notified by e-mail immediately.

If these changes occur more than 90 days before the starting date of the tour, participants not satisfied with the changes will have the possibility of canceling their trip under the guidelines provided in the following.

If these changes occur less than 90 days before the starting date of the tour, it is incumbent on Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching to assess the feasibility of the tour in conditions similar to those initially predicted. Participants will have the possibility to cancel their trip under the guidelines provided in the following.

If changes occur during the tour, the Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching team will make everything possible to provide an equivalent service to the one initially proposed. The fees incurred are not the responsibility of Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching and the participants cannot ask for refunding or compensation.

Modification by the participants

Modifications to the tour (especially for custom tours) due to participants (regarding date, itinerary, accommodation, name of the participant, room type, transportation and transfer) will lead to a fixed 100$ fee per person when they occur more than 90 days before the starting date of the trip.

If the modification occur less than 90 days before the start of the trip, it is considered equivalent to a cancellation and a fee is applied accordingly.

If important cancellation fees are invoiced to Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching, we reserve the right to bill these fees to the client, as a supplement.

Any modification of the program asked by a client during the tour can only be implemented with the explicit consent of the guide and the other participants. In such a case, any supplementary cost are the responsibility of customers.

Any tour interrupted by decision of the customer (for health reasons, physical demand or any other reason) does not qualify for refunding by Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching. The supplementary costs engaged are the participant's responsibility.

Following a repatriation on health grounds, the unused services can possibly (depending on the contractual conditions) be reimbursed if a cancellation insurance has been subscribed by the customer.

Cancellation of the tour

Cancellation by Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching

If the number of registered participants is lower than the required minimum indicated in the description of each tour, Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching might be forced to cancel the tour. The participants will be kept informed by e-mail at least 90 days before the start of the Tour. In this case, refunding will be complete.

It should be noted that Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching and its commercial associates reserve the right to cancel parts or even the entire tour as soon as the security of the physical integrity of the travelers can not be ensured.

In case of forced cancellation by Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching more than 90 days before the starting date of the tour, the deposit will be refunded entirely minus a 250 US$ franchise.

In case of forced cancellation by Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching less than 90 days before the start of the tour, only the balance payment will be refunded.

The cancellation of a pre or post extension to a tour do not change the responsibilities of each customer and of Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching and its commercial associates concerning the main tour.

In case of cancellation, it is possible under crtain conditions to transfer the deposit to another Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching tour without fees for a duration of 6 months after the cancelled tour. In the event of another cancellation, the deposit will not be refunded.

No refunding will be applied in case of a missed meal or any other missed activity during the tour.

Cancellation by the participants

If the client is forced to cancel her trip, she must keep Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching informed by e-mail as soon as possible.

The reception date of the e-mail will be considered as the cancellation date (French time).

Cancellation fees :
More than 90 days before starting date : 50% of total price.
Less than 90 days before starting date : 100% of total price.


Owing to constant fluctuations in exchange rates, the price of the tour is indicated in the currency in which we made our quotation.

Liability Insurance

In conformity with legislation, Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching is covered by a professional liability insurance. This however does not substitute for personal liability insurance that each participant must possess.

Travel Insurance

Travelers are strongly advised to take out travel insurance including repatriation in case of emergency as well as standard clauses when traveling abroad.


The Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching Team is making its best to provide a safe environment to its staff and customers. Our tours however can sometimes take place in remote places where access to medical health care is difficult, in very lightly populated rugged terrain and where local governments can react very differently from what we are accustomed to. We expect our customer to be aware of this and to behave in a reasonable manner for their own security.

All informations provided in our website are provided for the guidance of our clients. We reserve the right to modify them at any time.

Participants to our tours must be in good health and consult with a physician before engaging to travel with us. It is important that the participants consult the detailed itinerary and the detailed practical informations for each tour.

The customer acknowledge having consulted informations relative to the destination of their choice, particularly concerning security issues.

In compliance with article 23 of the French law of july 13, 1992, Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching cannot be held responsible for the following circumstances:
-A delay or an impossibility of a participant in presenting official documents in order;
-A loss of the aforementioned official documents;
-Unforeseeable circumstances such as strikes, social protests, extreme weather and so on…;


Given the special nature of our travels and Tours - Guided Tours
-Each participant must comply with the general rules given in then detailed program of the tour and by the tour leader;
-Each participant must be aware of the risks and assume them knowingly without blaming
Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching;
- Also,
Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching and the tour leader cannot be held responsible for any incautious behaviour from one or several participants;
-Minor participants must always be under the responsibility of their parents or a person designed by them as their representant;

Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching only acts as an intermediate concerning transportation (be it by rail, car, bus, boat or plane) and does not assume responsibility for injuries, damages, losses, accidents, delays or irregularities caused by transportation defects or any other failure by the company responsible for the transportation.

As a consequence, each participant is bound to accept those risks and not to hold Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching and its employees, shareholders, managers and partners responsible for the incidents that might happen.

By paying the deposit, you certify that you do not suffer from a handicap that might put you or other at risk during the tour. Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching is reserving the right to refuse a reservation for any participant whose health might hamper the smooth running of the tour, or interfere in a negative manner with other participants.

The reception of the deposit is considered as a consent for the aforementioned conditions.


Any complaint relative to our tours must be adressed to Walk Inn-Terra Firme Birdwatching by e-mail within 15 days of the end of the tour, with all the supporting documents attached.
After having seized the customer service and in the absence of a satisfying answer or an answer within 60 days, the client can seize the Tourism and Travel ombudsman, the coordinates and modalities of seisin of which can be found on the website:


Information requests and registrations are processed by computer. As per the law on information technology and individual freedom (article 34 of the law “Informatic and liberty”) you have at any time a right of access, rectification and opposition.

Photos and illustrations

Photos, maps and illustrations on this website do not have a contractual character.

Sales conditions - French legislation

Extrait du décret n°94-490 du 15 juin 1994.

Art. 95 - Sous réserve des exclusions prévues au deuxième alinéa (a et b) de l'article 14 de la loi du 13 juillet 1992 susvisée, toute offre et toute vente de prestations de voyages ou de séjours donnent lieu à la remise de documents appropriés qui répondent aux règles définies par le présent titre. 
En cas de vente de titres de transport aérien ou de titres de transport sur ligne régulière non accompagnées de prestations liées à ces transports, le vendeur délivre à l'acheteur un ou plusieurs billets de passage pour la totalité du voyage émis par le transporteur ou sous sa responsabilité. 
Dans le cas de transport à la demande, le nom et l'adresse du transporteur, pour le compte duquel les billets sont émis, doivent être mentionnés. 
La facturation séparée des divers éléments d'un même forfait touristique ne soustrait pas le vendeur aux obligations qui lui sont faites par le présent titre.

Art. 96 - Préalablement à la conclusion du contrat et sur la base d'un support écrit, portant sa raison sociale, son adresse et l'indication de son autorisation administrative d'exercice, le vendeur doit communiquer au consommateur les informations sur les prix, les dates et les autres éléments constitutifs des prestations fournies à l'occasion du voyage ou du séjour tels que :

1 - la destination, les moyens, les caractéristiques et les catégories de transports utilisées 
2 - le mode d'hébergement, sa situation, son niveau de confort et ses principales caractéristiques, son homologation et son classement touristique correspondant à la réglementation ou aux usages du pays d'accueil 
3 - les repas fournis 
4 - la description de l'itinéraire lorsqu'il s'agit d'un circuit 
5 - les formalités administratives et sanitaires à accomplir en cas, notamment, de franchissement des frontières ainsi que leurs délais d'accomplissement 
6 - les visites, excursions et les autres services inclus dans le forfait ou éventuellement disponibles moyennant un supplément de prix 
7 - la taille minimale ou maximale du groupe permettant la réalisation du voyage ou du séjour est subordonnée à un nombre minimal de participants, la date limite d'information du consommateur en cas d'annulation du voyage ou du séjour cette date ne peut être fixée à moins de vingt et un jours avant le départ 
8 - le montant ou le pourcentage du prix à verser à titre d'acompte à la conclusion du contrat ainsi que le calendrier de paiement du solde 
9 - les modalités de révision des prix telles que prévues par le contrat en application de l'article 100 du présent décret 
10 - les conditions d'annulation de nature contractuelle 
11 - les conditions d'annulation définies aux articles 101, 102 et 103 ci-après 
12 - les précisions concernant les risques couverts et le montant des garanties souscrites au titre du contrat d'assurance couvrant les conséquences de la responsabilité civile professionnelle des agences de voyages et de la responsabilité civile des associations et organismes sans but lucratif et des organismes locaux de tourisme 
13 - l'information concernant la souscription facultative d'un contrat d'assurance couvrant les conséquences de certains cas d'annulation ou d'un contrat d'assurance couvrant certains risques particuliers, notamment les frais de rapatriement en cas d'accident ou de maladie.

Art. 97 - l'information préalable faite au consommateur engage le vendeur, à moins que dans celle-ci, le vendeur ne se soit réservé expressément le droit d'en modifier certains éléments. Le vendeur doit, dans ce cas, indiquer clairement dans quelle mesure cette modification peut intervenir et sur quels éléments. En tout état de cause, les modifications apportées à l'information préalable doivent être communiquées par écrit au consommateur avant la conclusion du contrat.

Art. 98 - Le contrat conclu entre le vendeur et l'acheteur doit être écrit, établi en double exemplaire dont l'un est remis à l'acheteur, et signé par les deux parties. Il doit comporter les clauses suivantes: 
- le nom et l'adresse du vendeur, de son garant et de son assureur ainsi que le nom et l'adresse de l'organisateur 
- la destination ou les destinations du voyage et en cas de séjour fractionné, les différentes périodes et leurs dates 
- les moyens, les caractéristiques et les catégories des transports utilisés, les dates, heures et lieux de départ et de retour 
- le mode d'hébergement, sa situation, son niveau de confort et ses principales caractéristiques, son classement touristique en vertu des réglementations ou des usages du pays d'accueil 
- le nombre des repas fournis 
- l'itinéraire lorsqu'il s'agit d'un circuit 
. les visites, les excursions ou autres services inclus dans le prix total du voyage ou du séjour 
- le prix total des prestations facturées ainsi que l'indication de toute révision éventuelle de cette facturation en vertu des dispositions de l'article 100 ci-après 
- l'indication, s'il y a lieu, des redevances ou taxes afférentes à certains services telles que taxes d'atterrissage, de débarquement ou d'embarquement dans les ports et aéroports, taxes de séjour lorsqu'elles ne sont pas incluses dans le prix de la ou des prestations fournies 
- le calendrier et les modalités de paiement du prix en tout état de cause, le dernier versement effectué par l'acheteur ne peut être inférieur à 30% du prix du voyage ou du séjour et doit être effectué lors de la remise des documents permettant de réaliser le voyage ou le séjour 
- les conditions particulières demandées par l'acheteur et acceptées par le vendeur 
- les modalités selon lesquelles l'acheteur peut saisir le vendeur d'une réclamation pour inexécution ou mauvaise exécution du contrat, réclamation qui doit être adressée dans les meilleurs délais, par lettre recommandée avec accusé de réception au vendeur, et signalée par écrit, éventuellement, à l'organisateur du voyage et au prestataire de services concernés 
- la date limite d'information de l'acheteur en cas d'annulation du voyage ou du séjour par le vendeur dans le cas où la réalisation du voyage ou du séjour est liée à un nombre minimal de participant, conformément aux dispositions du 7 de l'article 96 ci-dessus 
- les conditions d'annulation de nature contractuelle 
- les conditions d'annulation prévues aux articles 101, 102 et 103 ci-dessous 
- les précisions concernant les risques couverts et le montant des garanties au titre du contrat d'assurance couvrant les conséquences de la responsabilité civile professionnelle du vendeur 
- les indications concernant le contrat d'assurance couvrant les conséquences de certains cas d'annulation souscrit par l'acheteur (numéro de police et nom de l'assureur) ainsi que celles concernant le contrat d'assistance couvrant certains risques particuliers, notamment les frais de rapatriement en cas d'accident ou de maladie dans ce cas, le vendeur doit remettre à l'acheteur un document précisant au minimum les risques couverts et les risques exclus 
- la date limite d'information du vendeur en cas de cession du contrat par l'acheteur 
- l'engagement de fournir, par écrit, à l'acheteur, au moins dix jours avant la date prévue pour son départ, les informations suivantes : 
a) le nom, l'adresse et le numéro de téléphone de la représentation locale du vendeur ou, à défaut, les noms, adresses et numéros de téléphone des organismes locaux susceptibles d'aider le consommateur en cas de difficulté ou, à défaut, le numéro d'appel permettant d'établir de toute urgence un contact avec le vendeur 
b) pour les voyages et séjours de mineurs à l'étranger, un numéro de téléphone et une adresse permettant d'établir un contact direct avec l'enfant ou le responsable sur place de son séjour.

Art. 99 - L'acheteur peut céder son contrat à un cessionnaire qui remplit les mêmes conditions que lui pour effectuer le voyage ou le séjour, tant que ce contrat n'a produit aucun effet. 
Sauf stipulation plus favorable au cédant, celui-ci est tenu d'informer le vendeur de sa décision par lettre recommandée avec accusé de réception au plus tard sept jours avant le début du voyage. Lorsqu'il s'agit d'une croisière, ce délai est porté à quinze jours. Cette cession n'est soumise, en aucun cas, à une autorisation préalable du vendeur.

Art. 100 - Lorsque le contrat comporte une possibilité expresse de révision du prix, dans les limites prévues à l'article 19 de la loi du 13 juillet 1992 susvisée, il doit mentionner les modalités précises de calcul, tant à la hausse qu'à la baisse, des variations des prix, et notamment le montant des frais de transport et taxes y afférentes, la ou les devises qui peuvent avoir une incidence sur le prix du voyage ou du séjour, la part du prix à laquelle s'applique la variation, le cours de la ou des devises retenues comme référence lors de l'établissement du prix figurant au contrat.

Art. 101 - Lorsque, avant le départ de l'acheteur, le vendeur se trouve contraint d'apporter une modification à l'un des éléments essentiels du contrat tel qu'une hausse significative du prix, l'acheteur peut, sans préjuger des recours en réparation pour dommages éventuellement subis, et après en avoir été informé par le vendeur par lettre recommandée avec accusé de réception : 
- soit résilier son contrat et obtenir sans pénalité le remboursement immédiat des sommes versées 
- soit accepter la modification ou le voyage de substitution proposé par le vendeur un avenant au contrat précisant les modifications apportées est alors signé par les parties toute diminution de prix vient en déduction des sommes restant éventuellement dues par l'acheteur et, si le paiement déjà effectué par ce dernier excède le prix de la prestation modifiée, le trop-perçu doit lui être restitué avant la date de son départ.

Art. 102 - Dans le cas prévu à l'article 21 de la loi du 13 juillet 1992 susvisée, lorsque, avant le départ de l'acheteur, le vendeur annule le voyage ou le séjour, il doit informer l'acheteur par lettre recommandée avec accusé de réception l'acheteur, sans préjuger des recours en réparation des dommages éventuellement subis, obtient auprès du vendeur le remboursement immédiat et sans pénalité des sommes versées, l'acheteur reçoit, dans ce cas, une indemnité au moins égale à la pénalité qu'il aurait supportée si l'annulation était intervenue de son fait à cette date. Les dispositions du présent article ne font en aucun cas obstacle à la conclusion d'un accord amiable ayant pour objet l'acceptation, par l'acheteur, d'un voyage ou séjour de substitution proposé par le vendeur.

Art. 103 - Lorsque, après le départ de l'acheteur, le vendeur se trouve dans l'impossibilité de fournir une part prépondérant des services prévus au contrat représentant un pourcentage non négligeable du prix honoré par l'acheteur, le vendeur doit immédiatement prendre les dispositions suivantes sans préjuger des recours en réparation pour dommages éventuellement subis : 
- soit proposer des prestations en remplacement des prestations prévues en supportant éventuellement tout supplément de prix et, si les prestations acceptées par l'acheteur sont de qualité inférieure, le vendeur doit lui rembourser, dès son retour, la différence de prix 
- soit, s'il ne peut proposer aucune prestation de remplacement ou si celles-ci sont refusées par l'acheteur pour des motifs valables, fournir à l'acheteur, sans supplément de prix, ses titres de transport pour assurer son retour dans des conditions pouvant être jugées équivalentes vers le lieu de départ ou vers un autre lieu accepté par les deux parties."

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