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In case you wished to visit the country in its entirety, it is easy to combine the three circuits mentioned above, since they are organized so as to combine smoothly. See the Tour Calendar.


Up until recently, Bolivia was not included on the road map except for the most intrepid birders. This surely has to do with the fact that the roads, touristic infrastructures were almost non existent until recently along with the economic state of the country. However, like its prestigious neighbour Peru and other andean countries like Ecuador or Colombia, with almost 1400 bird species observed to date, the country still ranks among the richest on earth in terms of biodiversity. With the ongoing development of the country, the wildlife richness of the country is becoming a subject of interest and pride an evidence for the Bolivians. Important conservation projects are underway to protect the most iconic endemics, and the country is slowly opening to birding tourism.
We offer you to discover this magnificent country following deeply authentic circuits, all the while favouring local conservation initiatives.


The country is big however and the road system still rudimentary in many places. As a result we chose to propose two separate circuits and a possible extension.

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